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Tips for Buying the Right Mattress Protector

Tips for Buying the Right Mattress Protector

Most people fail to notice the importance of mattress protectors while selecting and purchasing bedding. A mattress protector safeguards you from dust mites and other kinds of creatures and in some cases, it even acts a barrier against bodily fluids, mess made by children and pets, and sweat.  Give thought to your needs and subsequently buy either a waterproof mattress protector in NZ or a dust mite or a bed bug mattress protector.

Size and Comfort

 Look at the size of your mattress and bedding and purchase a mattress protector accordingly. If the user of the mattress is allergic, then make sure that he or she gets a hypoallergenic mattress protector. If you have back problems, then by all means go for the kind which has enough padding to give you adequate comfort. See to it that the mattress protector can be washed without much fuss, and  the mattress pad can breathe easily so that the mattress does not become too hot for you.

Cotton and Polyester

If you are tight on budget, go for polyester mattress protectors. Once you get a protector made from polyester, you do not need to worry about anything else. These excellent water repellents usually come with zips or elastic straps. If you are prone to allergic reactions, then buy a cotton mattress protector because they are hypoallergenic, and their thickness makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Vinyl and Down

 If you have children or pets at home, then a protector made from vinyl will be your best option. They not only shield the bed from sweat, pee and other fluids, but they are also long lasting as well. What’s more, they give the bedding immunity against mildew and mould too. If comfort and convenience is your ultimate goal, then a down mattress protector is a viable option for you. If the springs are wasting away, then a down mattress is helpful for you.

Particular Problems
Depending on your specific problems, get a mattress protector. Say, if you have a bug problem at home and want a mattress protector specifically to get rid of bugs, you should opt for a bed bug mattress protector. Someone in your house has asthma or is prone to allergies; then your ideal choice would be a dust mite mattress protector. If you are concerned about children or pets damaging your bedding, then choose a waterproof mattress protector.

Be it a waterproof mattress protector from NZ or a bed bug mattress protector; ensure that it serves your needs so that you can have a peaceful sleep without having to worry about bed bugs, discoloration, allergens and other irritants.


Tips for selecting Duvet covers

In a 24 hour day, we spend at least 8 hours in bed. So this room plays a significant part of our day. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right duvet covers for your room. Foremost it’s a personal choice, as our faces differ so does our preferences

Color: This is an individual choice; some like light colors and others like bright colors. The color choice should also match with curtains and over all decoration in the room. This sets the ambiance of the bedroom.

Pattern: There are many options available, you can have it plain or have patterns like stripes, polka dots, or even floral designs. This is your personal choice, but when selecting see what goes with your bedroom walls and curtains, which pattern matches best with the surroundings. Beds are the prominent feature in the bedroom, so make sure it makes a lasting impression.

Fabric: At the end of a tiring day, this is where you want climb in and relax, be cosy and comfortable. You also start your day on a fresh note here, hence this is definitely not something you want to compromise on. Eight hours of good sleeping is recommended for adults for a healthy living and it’s utterly important to have a comfortable bed.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics which can be used in winter or in summer. It is highly breathable material and also hypoallergenic. The weave of the fabric also determines the feel of it. A sateen weave makes it shinier and soft, whereas a twill weave will give a fresh and crispy feeling. This is an entirely personal selection. Thread count is also important, anything more than 180TC is good choice as it will be likely to be less pilli and lasts longer

We do often get bored with same look in the bedrooms every day. The easy way to change or get a new look is by changing the duvet covers. Hence it is great to have a few different Duvet covers that match the décor in the room and you can easily get a new look in the room without spending many dollars.

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Cotton: Nature's Fabric

Cotton is one of the oldest materials used for fabrics. We can find references to cotton even in the oldest civilizations. Even though there are lot of synthetic fabrics available now, cotton seems to be the favorite of many.

Cotton fabric is soft to touch. It is highly breathable material and hence can absorb perspiration easily. It keeps you drier and cooler. Cotton can be easily dyed and can be obtained easily in different colors. Cotton lasts longer than other fabrics and can withstand many repeated washing. Cotton does not pill like other fabrics and hence remains soft

 Cotton fabrics are generally used in many clothing materials from jackets to underwear’s. It is widely used in home furnishings like bed linen including duvet covers, bed sheets, pillow cases etc. It is also the most dominant fabric used in towels and washcloths.

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