1x1m Booth Air Filter Material Paint Shop Car Spray Atomize Thickness 20mm

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Product Information

Color: Blue, White
Material: Polyester fiber
Size: 1x1m
Thickness: 20mm

1. With high performance, high strength and fracture resistance of polyester fiber, encryption,
    step by step Carding web produced by hot air;
2. Bulk densities high amount of dust, low resistance and flame retardant characteristics;
3. Do not contain silicon, resistant to chemical such as chemical solvents, acid smog The influence
    of material;
4. Resistance to humidity to 100% RH, long service life, after vacuuming or washing Can be used
    multiple times, economic and practical;
5. Last 100 ℃ of heat-resistant, instantaneous heat resistance 120 ℃;
6. Filter object 5 microns or dust particles and all kinds of suspended matter;

Used in high demand in ventilation system of the following equipment:
* air conditioning and ventilation system in the air;
* for the wind system as the high dust exposure prefiltering;
* spraying system and preliminary filtering and the baking device of gas flow;

Packing Details:
1 x Air Filter



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