IPRee® 4 In 1 EDC Survival Bracelet Emergency Paracord Umbrella Rope Compass Kit

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Product Information

Material ABS plastic buckle+Paracord
Paracord diameter 4mm/0.15inch
Paracord total length 3.2m/125.9inch(Disassemble)
Paracord Core 7
Paracord tensile force 220kg
Bracelet width 2.5cm/0.98inch
Bracelet length 24cm/9.4inch
Function Compass, Whistle, Blade, Paracord

Paracord Function:
1. Repair torn clothing.
2. Repair broken equipment.
3. Rig a tow rope.
4. Clothesline.
5. Replace your shoe laces.
6. Replace a broken zipper pull.
7. Tie things to your backpack.
8. Make a lesh for a dog.
9. Rig a pulley system.
10. Make a leash for a dog.
11. Make a strettcher with 2 long sticks.
12. Rig a hammock.
13. Make a snare out of internal strands.
14. Lash logs together for a raft.
15. Tie snow shoes.
16. Make a bow drill for fire starting.
17. Make a sling to throw stone.
18. Make fishing line.
19. Secure your boat.
20. Make a fishing net of internal strands.
21. Tie sticks to make a splint.
22. Make a sling for your arm.
23. Tie items to the top of your vehicle.
24. Hang up your food to protect from animals.
25. Used as dental floss.
26. Tie a an emergency shelter.

The flintstone is not included.

Package Included:
1 x EDC Survival Bracelet


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