Winter Defrosting And Defogging Vehicle-mounted Heater

style: 12v ordinary model
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Product Information

Product information:

Name: vehicle-mounted heater
Color: black
Size: 11 * 6.5 * 14CM
Material: ABS
Net weight: 290g
Product accessories: a piece of double-sided adhesive
Applicable models: suitable for models with DC12V power supply (high-power models need 15A current output, such as European and American models, and low-power models are suitable for general conventional models with 10A current output,)
Product use: It can be used for heating, defogging and dehumidifying in the car. The upgraded version can also remove smoke, smell and purify the air in the car
Product features: It is compact and convenient to use. It can work when it is turned on and heated quickly. (However, it must be noted that it is strictly prohibited to cover the air inlet. If the fan does not work or the air outlet is blown out when it is in use, it should be shut down immediately.)
Installation method: select the product placement position, stick the double-sided adhesive on the product floor and then stick it to the selected position on the vehicle. The product can rotate 360 degrees left and right, up and down 60 degrees, and select the suction cup bracket to fix it anywhere on the front windshield or sunroof glass

Packing list:

Vehicle-mounted heater+ A piece of double-sided adhesive

Delivery in 10 - 15 business days

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